Story of Gür Mobilya dates back to the years when furniture sector has recently started to be activated and mostly such small-volume products as chairs, wooden cases and sabots are produced. At the beginning of 1970s, when there was a shift from agriculture production to industrial production, there was also a quick industrial shift in İnegol District of Bursa. In İnegol Industry which started operation with labour based wooden products, there was an increasing interest in furniture day by day, furniture production factories and affiliates started to emerge. In this process, our founder partners established their own factories and took their first step in furniture sector.


Our founders that develop themselves in the sector for long years combined their savings, knowledge and experience in 1982 and officially established the company named Gür Mobilya. Starting its production firstly in 1990 by their investments within a closed area of 10.000 square meters with their savings in İnegöl Organized Industrial Zone, Gür Mobilya became one of the leading companies in the sector and increased its production capacity in 2006. It succeeded to become among the leading companies in Turkey which produce wooden products and furniture in a closed area of 25.000 m2 by using state-of-the art equipment, machines and oven dried dye lines.


With this adventure having started in 1970, Gür Mobilya today introduces all kinds of wooden furniture to Turkish market under the supervision of the representatives from 2nd generation and exports these products to different countries throughout the World. It also continues its services to the country as a large industrial company which is famous for its prestigious products as well as its custom-made projects and contracts in the sector of HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe). 

  • Gür Mobilya always begins designing of your project with one thing, Listening.
  • For us, hearing your vision is where it all starts. Next, we combine research and knowledge, to come up with the perfect solution to your problem, and translate it to paper.
  • Finally, we communicate your ideas through stunning visual presentations, so you can see your plan come to life before it is actually constructed.
  • Our Designers have experience with a broad range of projects.
  • Our artisans can match existing pieces or create a distinctive furniture style that is exclusive to your property.
  • They are also able to provide custom redesign or branding that can be carried across a number of properties within a hotel/restaurant group. Gür Mobilya always designs your project with this in mind: Your success is our success.
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